Boy and His Pup is an action tower defense game about the struggle to survive in a world that has been over-run by supernatural evil. It’s a game that tells a compelling story challenges players to strategize and make decisions that ultimately lead them on a daring journey against supernatural creatures. You will play as “Boy”, in which he must defend himself and “Pup”, against the constant punishment of a supernatural horde. Boy’s companion Pup will execute commands and provide guidance where necessary. You must collect, build, and fight to stay alive!






Engaging Combat – In the struggle for survival, knife, jump, shoot, and build, in order to defend yourself against the oncoming supernatural horde.

RPG Elements Collect items and level up to further increase your power and more.

Tower Building Create, build, and distract the supernatural in order to help you level up and stay alive!

Strategy Build towers, protect your house, and think critically about your next move. Your survival depends on your own decisions and strategies.

Original Soundtrack – Choose from original tracks to bump to as you work on defending your home from the supernatural.



Boy – Boy is a brilliant engineer for his age.  Before his father’s untimely death, Boy studied under him as his protégé . Boy now lives with his mother and his pup on the outskirts of society where he continues to hone his skills to become the master engineer his father was preparing him to be.

Pup – Pup is Boy’s right hand, given to him by his mother after the death of his father. They have grown closer over the years and Pup has taken the role as Boy’s protector. The inseparable and unique bond they possess will help to prepare them for their unexpected struggle for survival. If something needs to be done, Pup is the first in line to help.

Wrench – A family heirloom passed through Boy’s family for many generations.  It was given to Boy by his father before his death. During the night of the lightning storm, the wrench gets hit by lightning, transforming it forever. While Boy has an arsenal of artillery and weaponry, Wrench is Boy’s weapon of choice and is an essential part of his journey.

Supernatural – After the lightning storm, supernatural creatures from dreams and nightmares begin to pour into the world of Boy and His Pup.  Many of these creatures are from well known folklore, myths and legends but were thought non-existent or had long been forgotten. The creatures are only after one thing, to find the source of their power—and they will destroy anything and anyone in their path to reach it.







Boy and His Pup is powered by…

Citrus Enginepowered-by-dragonbones-200X200Starling



6 Comments on “BOY AND HIS PUP
  1. Heya Fellow Nerds <3

    Although it can be thought of as a minor suggestion.

    I noticed in the game that the background makes it a bit hard to see the Boy with his current clothing style (green colored shirt – Forrest background). Now I know the color goes with the graphic colors of the name of the game and the glowing of some of the Pup's modelling, however, I find that the boy sometimes blends in a little too much with the background Forrest. Maybe another color such as Red or Purple may make him stand out more. It's nothing major just a visual suggestion that will allow us to see Boy's actions better in comparison to the surrounding Forrest.

    Also, I noticed suggestions to pre-order on Android and ioS. Is this game just intended for that platform or is it intended for PC as well (through a medium such as steam for example). Also, when is the projected release date. I may want to stream this on it's release date on my twitch stream as I like what I see so far.

  2. Hello players I think the game has a good story, I would modify it slightly its graphics but is very well developed greetings 🙂

  3. Hey More Fire Games,
    We noted that you have made a new game. Thank you. Our gamers would love it. We appreciate gamers like you to make new things happen in the gaming world. Also thank you for following us on Twitter. Get to know more on our websites.
    And to the gamers, This games looks good. Play it your way. Do it your way. And Make your way. Because this is your game and your way.

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