Updates and an Inside look on Boy and his Pup user interface


Hello all,

Long time its been, lets just jump right in it.

Lots have been going on within the game itself and we are excited to show you more, but we haven’t reached a point yet where we are satisfied to show video footage of what we have been working on. We are very close to that verge though so stay with us a bit longer. It will be worth the wait. ­čÖé

Further more, we have been preparing for our first public event which is the Connecticut Comiconn┬áthat will be happening August 15th-17th. In junction with that we will also be launching our Kickstarter around the same time. So you can tell that we have our hands full at the moment, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We will post more information about this as the time comes.

Ok, now onto the stuff you want to see ­čśŤ


Our Team have been working hard at creating a great user interface or HUD, that feels familiar but also packs enough in it to make it unique. To check out more of an in depth look at what we are doing with it check it out on our Development tab or the link here:http://morefiregames.tumblr.com/post/83734893229/boy-and-his-pup-h-u-d-development


Anyways guys, we will keep slowly adding more information for you guys so keep posted. Also we would love yo hear your feedback! Email us with and questions, comments, or anything really here at team@morefiregames.com




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